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Organic Gardening: 5 Amazing Benefits for Your Mental Health

Gardening is a uniquely beautiful activity that has the potential to improve many mental health conditions. Anxiety? Depression? Sleep problems? Here are some fantastic benefits of gardening for mental health.

Organic Gardening: 5 Amazing Benefits for Your Mental Health

Have you ever thought about planting a garden for depression? Or maybe you considered gardening for anxiety? Did you know that organic gardening can help with sleep problems? There are many reasons why people garden. When I consider the benefits of gardening, I immediately think about the role it can play in mental wellness. Gardening is a uniquely beautiful activity that has the potential to improve many mental health conditions by working on multiple fronts. Here are some fantastic benefits of gardening for mental health.

1. More Oxygen for your Brain: Fuel Your Inspiration

It’s no secret that plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis. Even a small organic garden can significantly improve air quality in and/or around your house.

During hot days, a garden can provide cool relief for the entire family. As your lungs start working at full capacity next to your own oxygen-producing green factory, you’ll notice an increase in your brainpower as well.

Mental challenges can make it hard to go outside, but a small organic garden will always give you an excuse to venture out and get some fresh air.

2. Light Exercise to Keep your Blood Running and to Open Your Mind

If your goal isn’t to produce a farmer’s market worthy amount of food, gardening is a pretty easy activity. More good news yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gardening qualifies as exercise. Whatever you choose to plant–veggies, fruit, herbs, or flowers–there will be plenty of opportunities to get your blood running.

Exercise is a known factor in mental health. And whereas committing to a gym membership or regular yoga practice can be challenging when your energy is low, gardening offers a more approachable, introspective, and fun way to enjoy the benefits of exercising without having to overcome a hard mental barrier first.

Weeding, watering, insect control, plucking the fruit, and just taking dreamy walks in your garden–these are just a few ways you can seamlessly weave exercise into your daily routine. And as your body gets the chance to move around and enjoy life by reconnecting with nature in your backyard or your balcony, you will notice undeniable improvements in your state of mind as well.

3. Energy of the Sun to Help you Sleep Better at Night: Circadian Rhythm Hack

Getting some sun during the day is vital for your physical and mental health. Your eyes need light to regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycles. So, the more time you spend outside the better you sleep at night.

To ensure your internal clock works, get some precious morning sunlight in your garden. Then, return to your green island of serenity whenever you need a recharge. A total of just 10-15 minutes per day can work miracles on your mood, feelings, attitude, and state of mind.

4. Nutritional Boost: Saving Money and Feeling Accomplished

Gardening is quite a rewarding activity, actually. Not only will gardening save you money, but it will also give you a sense of accomplishment to boost your self-esteem. While organic fruit and veggies are trending, gardening makes them affordable to anyone.

Learning new things, seeing results, and savoring the fruits of your labor–all of these feel amazing. These are the little things that can significantly improve your mood and how you feel about yourself.

5. Meditative Quality of Gardening: Reconnect to Your Senses

Gardening presents a wonderful opportunity to experience life through your senses. Use it.

See your garden grow; take in every detail, every petal, every delicate green leaf. Watch butterflies and bees fly among the blooms.

Smell the fresh dew. Enjoy the fragrance of flowers. Breathe in the delicate aroma of herbs.

Listen to the rustle of movement in the plants. Notice the buzzing of insects. Hear the water drops touching every leaf. Pay attention to the whispers of Mother Earth.

Touch the velvety foliage, the plum and juicy fruit, the moist soil, the stubborn weeds. Let a ladybug tickle your palms. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face and the playfulness of the breeze in your hair.

Taste the goodness of homegrown veggies in a salad. Eat berries fresh from the vine. Cook a meal. Share your organic homegrown food with friends and neighbors.

In Conclusion

Gardening can help your self-esteem, provide your days with meaning, and teach you to slow down and enjoy the moment. It provides an opportunity to move your body and a chance to go outside and enjoy the sunlight. Organic gardening puts delicious freshest produce on your table, filling your body with nutrients it needs to feel its best.

For an immediate mood boost go watch this little inspirational video from my garden.