Digital Marketing and Content Creation

Digital Marketing and Content Creation

I provide help with all digital marketing needs from market research and marketing strategy to customer engagement and analytics.

I especially enjoy all aspects of content-creation.

I create well-researched and neatly cited engaging content to help medical practices and wellness businesses establish their online presence and build stronger relationship with their patients and clients.

In my writing I focus on mental wellbeing, living with chronic pain, healthy diet and exercise, stress management, preventative care, importance of medical and health literacy, etc.

I write for blogs, websites, social media, and apps: fabulous original copy, targeted product description pages, exciting e-newsletters, charming promotional materials, and more.

With me you can rest assured that all of your digital marketing needs are well taken care of:

  • Marketing funnel
  • Target audience and customer personas
  • Analysis of competitors
  • SEO, keywords, analytics
  • SEM, display advertising (responsive display ads, Google display network)
  • Social Media Marketing (strategy, brand image, visualization, planning/calendar, real-time marketing, listening and engagement, analytics and reporting, paid social media, remarketing, bidding)
  • Fabulous original high-quality copy
  • In-depth research and impeccable citation
  • Style and voice adaptivity
  • Personal approach to each client
  • Dependability and punctuality

Learn more about me here.

You can get a taste of my writing by reading my professional and personal blog posts or send me an email to see my resume and/or portfolio.